Deer Hunting
KPO will only offer 15 openings for deer season to ensure that our clients have the best possible opportunities to harvest a mature buck. Targeting higher age deer is a cornerstone of our management program. We hunt over 6,000 managed acres of hand-picked farms and ranches that flat out produce. Our deer are provided year-round nutrition through strategic seasonal food plots and mineral sites, and our harvest goals support the proper age structure. We intend to become a “hunting club”, welcoming the same hunters each season. Lodging is included. 

Early Muzzle Loader Season: September 17-30, 2018 (7-Day Hunts) $3,000
The early Muzzle Loader season is highly successful due to our year-round feeding and scouting program. We will be hunting specific deer on specific farms during this period. We will take very few hunters and will hunt bucks that are five years old or older during this period. Catching mature bucks still in their early season feeding pattern is the name of the game, and we stress that evening hunts will be the most productive this time of the season.

Archery Season: September 17-December 31, 2018 (7-Day Hunts) $3,000
The Kansas Archery season is relatively long, and since we will be accommodating very few hunters, we can be flexible on the dates that you hunt. Although we have several thousand acres to hunt, we will typically be hunting specific bucks on specific farms aiming to only harvest a minimum of a five-year-old. The terrain in Eastern Kansas allows for effective bow hunting with small creek bottoms and textbook pinch points.

Rifle Season: November 28-December 9, 2018 (6-Day Hunts) $3,000
Kansas Rifle season represents one of the best opportunities to harvest a buck of a lifetime in Kansas.
Hunting at KPO during this time is no exception. Availability is extremely limited.

For more information contact Heath Samuels at (620) 583-3403